Happy New Year!

A new year, with new beginnings.

Over the past year, I’ve found myself sharing less and less through Twitter or other social platforms and have been writing more. Primarily to myself. I’ve also been doing a fair bit of learning, whether it has been with Python + Selenium development, Azure deployment, or with moving my entire computing life to Linux (again) and iOS for personal beliefs and privacy reasons. And I figured it would be a good idea to publicly document some of those writings somewhere.

Some things will be snippets. Some things will be longer posts. This is my collective space and we’ll see where and how it goes.

The last year has been hard, mentally. Hopefully, life can move in new and interesting directions with a fair bit of coercion. There’s exciting things out there on the horizon. I just need to find them and find the belief in myself that I can do it.

Best wishes.