Photo by  Michael Bailey

Nerd. A walking encyclopedia of sometimes inane and random information.

Jessica is the love of my life. Family and friends mean the world to me.

You will typically find me in a hoodie. It’s my portable cave. My safe place. My thinking spot. See “What is your nerd’s hoodie?” from Managing Nerds on Rands in Repose to understand better.

Music is life. If you didn’t know any better, you might think that I had headphones grafted to my head at all times. I may not have scrobbled anything to Last.fm in a long time, but you can look at profiles (jrodkun / smplnerd) to get an idea of my tastes. Lots of game scores, synthwave, Enya, and Lindsey Stirling lately.

I am a pragmatic Linux user and an enthusiast of the open source movement. I’m also a fan of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Free time is often spent tinkering with classic/”retro” computers, such as the Amiga, Commodore, Amstrad, IBM (PCjr, XT), and Atari ST series of computers, or with operating systems of yesteryear like BeOS, DOS, classic Linux, and CP/M.

Gamer. Old school, new school, middle school. Console, PC, or Mobile; I'm not picky. To give you an idea, some of my favorites include River Raid, Trinity, Final Fantasy games, Mega Man 2, Phantasy Star II, X-COM: UFO Defense, Super Mario World, StarCraft, Mass Effect games, Civilization games, Final Fantasy XIV, and Breath of the Wild.

Genius Emeritus. Ex-IBMer. SQL Monkey. Network Ninja. Python Developer. Gamedev. Photographer. Cyclist.